Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day One

Dear people who think my child is ready to give up his nap,

I am entertaining the idea, though I know for a fact that he is not ready, as evidenced by the fit-throwing that commences around 5pm each day that he does not take a nap. Further proof is in the inability to go to sleep that night and the early early early waking the next morning.


I am going to give something new a whirl as my mom and I were toying with the idea that this could be related to Pigpen learning new skills and getting an increasing amount of both my attention and Piglet's toys.


For one week, I am going to try to not make him nap. Meaning, that I put several quiet toys in his room, lifted the "You must stay in your bed" rule and cheerfully deemed the naptime "Quiet Time". He was elated.

He stayed in his room playing with his toys for two hours with only one injury when he somehow fell off of his bed and onto his head. He's fine. Of course at the end of this time period when released from his room, he was cranky, tired, and mean to Pigpen until bedtime.

So, he had dinner, bath, and ten minutes of Cars and off to bed he went. When Piglet is tired, he promptly gets overtired, and does not sleep. So, within ten minutes I went up to check on him and there he was in all of his glory. By this, I mean that he was buck naked and crouched on his dresser top with his tail sticking up in the air, spitting onto the furniture. He had accumulated a small puddle of spit.

"I puked!" he exclaimed gleefully, unaware of his obvious nudity. "Puked" has been the word of the week since Gus puked up the contents of his stomach in the yard one day and proceeded to gobble it all back up, lest he waste some precious dog food. Piglet was fascinated and grossed out and can't stop using the word puke.

"You did not puke," I said firmly. "You spit on your dresser which is really gross." I re-dressed him and put him to bed, crying because I wiped up the "puke" that he had worked so hard to produce.

"I need medicine!" he cried pathetically. "I need teething tablets!"

"You have all of your teeth. I don't think that will be necessary. Why don't you try going to sleep or there will be no toys during quiet time tomorrow." I glowered threateningly.

"I want toys," he said. And lay down. And perhaps went to sleep. It is eerily quiet up there. I will report back on the experiment tomorrow if I survive it.

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