Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 2

Well, after the nude event last night, he did go to sleep fairly quickly. This morning there was no sleeping in. There was crankiness and poor Pigpen bore the brunt of it. I took them to a park this morning to run off some energy, thinking perhaps this would lead to more resting than playing during Quiet Time.

He played very nicely for a while in Quiet Time. About an hour passed and I heard the sound of toys striking the door and had to go remove some of the toys as a consequence. The rules of Quiet Time were:
1. Be quiet.
2. No throwing.
3. No climbing.

Today I had to add a fourth because when I came to get him at the end of Quiet Time (no sleep again), he was stark naked and poking his boy parts with Seven. I may have neglected to mention that in addition to his frog named Froggy, he has recently acquired a (very, very) small bear that came with a free sample I got. For unknown reasons, he named it Seven. Seven is so wee that he is regularly lost in covers and such. I fear the day that Gus eats him. Anyway....back to poking the boys parts with Seven.

We had a stern talking to about how we don't take our clothes off unless it's bathtime, and especially not until he's potty trained. Thus:
4. No nudity.

He was a royal pain for most of the afternoon, whining, crying, throwing tantrums, refusing to stay in time out and having to go to his room instead. Fun stuff. But, he crashed and was asleep by 8. He has school the next two days, so the saga will only get more dramatic from here.

Yee ha.

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