Saturday, May 16, 2009

100 Things List Revisited

So, almost 4 years ago I wrote out my 100 things list. I think it might be fun to see how much things have changed or remained the same. Let's see, shall we?

1. I've lived in 4 states and 6 cities. Better make that 5 states and 7 cities.

2. I have one sister. Yep.

3. No one may touch my feet ever. Nooooo.....

4. When I was little, my favorite food was fried chicken livers. Sadly.

5. I hate going to the grocery store. BWAH HA HA HA HA!!! Grocery game, anyone?

6. I also hate emptying the dishwasher. Kind of like it now because taking care of babies makes it seem much easier.

7. My favorite place is the beach. Yes, though I haven't been in two years.

8. Cheese is my all time favorite food. Indeed.

9. If I didn't have scoliosis, the doctor said I'd be two inches taller. Haven't grown.

10. I am terrified of spiders. And scorpions.

11. My dad wouldn't let us eat candy or dessert until I was about 12. And now I eat way too much.

12. I got my first cavity when I was 12. Can't change that.

13. I was the editor-in-chief of my college newspaper. Or that.

14. I thrived on writing editorials to stir things up. Eh.

15. My car is named Lucy. She is a Toyota RAV4. Still true.

16. I once got hit in the face with a raw egg while rollerskating. That was me.

17. I can walk on stilts. Doubtful.

18. I read incessantly. Now I would say "when I have time before I collapse in sleep."

19. I've watched Days of Our Lives since 4th grade. And now Tivo makes it way faster.

20. I still watch The Real World. Nope.

21. When I used to babysit, I always ate junk food from their pantry. Yes.

22. I worked at Pizza Hut for 2.5 years in high school. True dat.

23. I went to a women's college. Yepper.

24. I have a garden with tomatoes and peppers. Oh....yeah that garden dried up years ago. And then I moved.

25. I am legally blind. Yes. Still can't have Lasik until I'm for sure done having kids. That, and I haven't found an eye doctor yet.

26. My hearing and sense of smell are incredible. And now that I have two kids, I wish they were less so.

27. I took bowling for a PE credit in college. I'm still terrible. Still true.

28. I once had a mouse named Ralph. Hard to change that.

29. I took Spanish for five years, but I learned most of my Spanish teaching. And subsequently lost it again upon stopping teaching.

30. I can't see those 3D pictures in the comics and it drives me insane. Back to the blindness.

31. I was on the diving team in high school. I wasn't fabulous. But I'm awesome now! Just kidding.

32. I also ran hurdles for track. I had long, gangly legs. Still do.

33. I majored in psychology and accidentally became a teacher. That developmental psych class is coming in handy now.

34. I don't like snakes, but I'm not really scared of them. Which is good since we were plagued with them in Texas.

35. I like the way new rafts smell. Haven't been to the beach in two years, but remember it well.

36. I've never caused a car accident, but two of my cars have been totaled. (Hmmm...) May or may not have struck friend's car since this update.

37. I'm a terrible gambler.

38. I'm highly allergic to cats. Cats like me.

39. I have the most spoiled beagle in the world. Nope, this changed when we had Piglet.

40. I'm terribly uncoordinated. Sadly, yes.

41. The first thing I ever had psuedo-published was a modern day version of a fairy tale: Little Pink Punky Hood. She had pink hair and carried a boombox on her shoulder.

42. I played the piano for 8 years. Now I can only play Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

43. I think I may have seen every episode of Friends. And I quote it way too much. Have since stopped watching it, but can still relate many situations to the show.

44. I still remember where all the hidden money is on Super Mario Brothers. Cannot confirm.

45. I don't really like going to concerts. Unless they are outside and I can lounge on the grass. Would go to any concert now if I got to go alone or with friends!

46. I broke a finger and a toe in the same door on different occasions. And later had a sink fall and smash my other toe.

47. I drive 18 hours straight through to go home for Christmas every year with Gus in the car. Nooooo! Thank goodness that's over.

48. I really like reading chick lit in the summer. I remember when I had time to read.....that was neat.

49. I reread my favorite books over and over again. Yeah, no.

50. Some of my favorite kid's books include: Anne of Green Gables, The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles, Holes, Harry Potter, The Phantom Tollbooth, and Maniac Magee.

51. I've won two trophies playing tennis that I am ridiculously proud of. I can now make that three!

52. My backyard overlooks a Texas cornfield. We get a lot of snakes. My backyard now overlooks the Georgia woods. We get a lot of mosquitoes, toads, lizards, and turtles. Gus loves this.

53. I think it's weird that armadillos are roadkill here. I do not miss armadillo roadkill.

54. I just got Caller ID this past year. I think I was the last person ever. And now? I can text!

55. I am obsessed with getting mail, checking email, and checking my mailbox at school. Add Twitter and Facebook to that.

56. I've trained my dog to howl and celebrate when we tell him it's Friday. Every day is the same now. Now he celebrates by nuzzling my hand for pets when the kids go to bed.

57. I can teach you about all of the North Carolina lighthouses. Now we'd be lucky if I can name them.

58. I am a good cook and I enjoy cooking. And eating what I cook. Still true.

59. I am a major cheapskate. I clip coupons for fun and get a high off of sales. Multiply this times ten!

60. My dad called my sister and I "boys" our whole lives. No one is really sure why.

61. We came out relatively normal anyway. Eh.

62. Despite my tales of woe, I really love teaching. It's never, ever boring. And miss it!

63. My favorite movies are Shag, When Harry Met Sally, and Christmas Vacation.

64. My best friend and my husband can both quote pretty much all of Christmas Vacation.

65. I really like to name things.

66. I'm good at keeping plants alive. I like to name them too. Oooh...not so much anymore. I'm down to 4 or 5 plants and they're iffy.

67. I didn't brush my hair for most of fifth grade.

68. I always like the book better than the movie. Except for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think Roald Dahl put some weed in there.

69. I get really attached to inanimate objects and feel bad when I have to give them away. I miss my plants I had to give away before we moved last summer. If you were a recipient, be a dear and update me on their status.

70. My second toe is longer than my big toe, which my mom says means I am bossy.

71. I once went through a car wash with the window open. It was a mistake.

72. The word spigot gets on my nerves.

73. I am a spelling nazi. It does matter and spellcheck is not everything.

74. I really like filling out forms.

75. I buy new washcloths every year because I'm paranoid that they might get sour. Now I turn them into rags and wash Pigpen's face ten times a day.

76. I had a roommate for 3 years who didn't realize she had sour towels.

77. I love to color with Crayola crayons and to write with Crayola markers.

78. My obsession with school supplies is part of why I became a teacher.

79. I played in a handbell choir in 7th grade.

80. I am really good at remembering numbers.

81. I am skeeved out my touching my own collarbones or the back of my bellybutton. Pregnancy made it stick out which was nasty.

82. When my sister and I were left home alone, we used to play Don't Touch the Floor. It involved walking on the kitchen table and climbing over the refrigerator. This was not safe.

83. I love anything Reese's.

84. Santa Claus still comes to my house at Christmas. He no longer brings me anything. It's all Piglet and Pigpen these days. I guess that's fair.

85. I am 29 years old. 33

86. Part of my bachelorette party involved singing karaoke in a double wide trailer that was a bar at the beach. I wore a coconut bra and received a t-shirt which read "I got trailor trashed at KoKoMo's." The misspelling is intentional. Still have the shirt.

87. When cliff jumping on my honeymoon, I tripped while going off the edge and had to spend the ride down regaining my balance.

88. I love to talk on the phone.

89. I have a genetic predisposition to gossip.

90. I have three chin hairs named Larry, Darryl, and Darryl. I would like to make sure that it's known that these are plucked.

91. I have one wild kinky hair that grows out of the top right corner of my head. I call him Mustafa and mail him to my mom everytime I pull him out with a note that says, "Who's My Daddy?"

92. People watching and eavesdropping are two of my favorite sports. have that time back.

93. My favorite pair of shorts came from Goodwill. They were men's Wranglers and they have a dip ring on one pocket and a wallet mark on the other. My mom hates them. I still have them. She still hates them. And they fit me again!

94. The paint in my office is called Squirrel. My office is now a yellowish brown.

95. I love margaritas, frozen with salt.

96. I have been married for four years. 8

97. I love boiled peanuts and Bud Light, especially at football games. Mmmmmm.....

98. I think that little kids should dress like little kids and not like Britney Spears.

99. I love writing on my blog, but wish I knew how to make it look prettier. Don't care how it looks now. Just trying to write.

100. I really like making lists. Indeed.

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