Thursday, December 04, 2008


1. I absolutely detest Wal-Mart. When I walk inside, it makes me feel dirty and gross and sad. Words cannot express my loathing of the place. Call me a snob, but I'll pay the extra to go to Target. And you know how cheap I am.

2. Still reading Twilight. As I passed page 3oo, it began to pick up. It was rather humdrum to that point. I mean, it's good, but I'm questioning Eddie's statement that it might be better than Harry Potter. I will reserve official judgment until I finish.

3. Piglet has learned to say, "Mommy pooted!" I am no longer safe to be free with my, um, gas. Sometimes he accidentally says, "Mommy poo-pooed" and I have to explain the difference between gas and poop. Usually at the dinner table.

4. Speaking of gas, I ate a Big Mac meal and a Drumstick for dinner tonight after a Miller Lite. I was supposed to go to a dinner with a mom's group I joined, but Mr. Pigs got home late and there was no dinner planned. After consuming the aforementioned culinary delight, I was truly still hungry. I am absolutely bottomless these days.

5. The finger is still wrapped up and trying to heal. It turns out that it takes some time for an open wound such as my own gouged out fingerprint to heal. The typing is really quite speedy when you consider I'm going at it with 9 fingers. My left middle finger does a lot of work. It's quite challenging to not get an index finger wet for three weeks when you have two babies in diapers and it's cold and flu season.

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