Saturday, December 06, 2008

Twilight: My Review

Well, I finished the book and here's what I have to say. It was good, for sure. An interesting story, a quick read, I did want to go back to it and finish it up, even reading it in place of my taped Grey's Anatomy one night. But it should in no way be compared to Harry Potter. The writing is considerably weaker and the plot is much simpler. One thing that annoyed me while reading was the author's constant use of color. It's a good descriptive tool within reason, but it started to get on my nerves on every page. And the love story was pretty goopy. But, the story I liked and the climax was exciting, even a little scary. I'm a little skeeved that this 17 year old girl is technically dating a 90 year old dude, but I could look around that. I'll read the next book and I'll probably see the movie. You know, someday when I have time to do things like see movies again. There you have it: my humble opinion for those who inquired.

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