Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Caption Follow Up

Well, the real event regarding my previous You Write the Caption post will now be revealed. I enjoyed your guesses immensely, but here's what happened. Mommy Pigs had to poop. You cannot leave a 2 year old loose in the house when the 5 month old is awake or terrible things might happen. You cannot leave the 5 month old up on the table in his bouncer as in previous days because he can now lift and drop his hips so hard that he nearly launches out of the thing.

Solution: make Piglet stand in teeny tiny half bath while you poop. Child abuse? Probably. To keep him out of trouble, let him get toilet paper for you. Once I had three large wads of TP, he got loose and knocked an entire dispenser of hand soap from the sink. Of course the lid came off and hand soap gooped all the way down the wall and onto hardwoods. This scared him and he took off, fleeing the scene.

After frantically taking care of my own business, I yelled for him to bring a towel, as though I thought this might really happen. In the time it took me to wipe up the soap spill with TP, Piglet had retrieved about fifty napkins and distributed them neatly on every surface in the downstairs. They tidily covered the coffee table, end tables, stairs, and of course, the bench. So, there he sat, petrified, as I emerged from the potty.

Who was the closest?

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