Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tis the Season!

Well, here we are on Tuesday again. Is this going to be my posting day? I surely hope not! We've had a big weekend around here....the official start of football season. It feels weird to participate again after being away for six years. We had good friends come in from Raleigh and except for the fact that our group had bred and doubled from six to twelve, you wouldn't notice that any time had passed.

*****24 hour pause******

Speaking of time passing, it's somehow Wednesday and this never got published, so here I am again. Let me finish off the weekend...the highlights involved one trip to the ER for six stitches for my friend's two year old son. Even after reading the kids No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, it seems that it's a temptation that can't be overcome. He was a tough little man and gets his stitches out soon. His sister was left behind from the hospital trip and I had the pleasure of conversing with this four year old chatterbox who I thought was traumatized by her brother being whisked away bleeding from the head to the hospital. The conversation when like thi

Me: Are you okay? Are you worried about brother?

E: (sniff, snort) Daddy made me stay down here! He was angry!

Me: He's not angry, he's just worried about your brother. He'll be okay

E: My sleeping bag has Hello Kitty and my white cat protects me and I have a blow up bed. Can I have some water?

Me: Sure. (procure water from fridge]

E: (disdainful look) This is chocolate milk. Will you read me a book?

Me: [begin reading]

E: I have a booger.

Me: You'd better take care of that.

E: It's on my finger. [shows me]

Me: What are you going to do about that?

E: Will you please get me a Kleenex? [duh, lady expression]

Me: [hand her Kleenex]

E: [hands besmirched Kleenex back to me] Read, please.

After this deep conversation, the weekend was fairly calm. [With the exception of Piglet becoming insane about his nap. More about this later.) The (6) kids played happily in their Clemson orange attire and had a good time. We ate junky food, me personally consuming at least a vat of boiled peanuts alone. We capped off the night with pizza and called it a day.

I forgot to mention that my washing machine broke on Thursday. One day it worked fine and all of a sudden it was dead. So all weekend I watched laundry build and build and build. I couldn't even give the poor bed jumping monkey clean sheets after his head wound. Good thing for me the repair man showed up Tuesday morning to tell me that the GFCI outlet had been tripped and the washer was just fine. I felt pretty darn cool not being able to figure that out myself. That'll be $74, ma'am. Followed by 8 loads of laundry. Congratulations, you're stupid!

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