Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So you had a bad day....

Given that it is a Tuesday, I really shouldn't be so surprised to find myself with a bad day. I mean, it's Tuesday! We all know my history with that.

Tuesday's Stats:

6 flies in the house today
2 sick babies
8 mosquito bites resulting from 20 minutes in yard
3 temper tantrums from Piglet
4 bands of thundering pouring hurricane rain
2.5 hours overnight that Little Piggie spent crying
1 meal that I forgot to eat today
3 viewings of the horrific Bob the Builder Roads and Bridges video ("Chaktor Wi-yo")
4 days with in-laws just completed
1 case of tennis elbow
1 wild dog with cabin fever who came in the new house with muddy feet
1 muscle on 3rd week of spasm in neck

Then I had parent orientation at Piglet's new preschool (boy, is it weird not to have to be the teacher at that thing!). I was trying not to look like a disaster when I went, as it is a chance to meet new people and all, so I quickly polished my toenails before I left, double rolling my jeans to keep the polish off of pants. I even put make up on! Then to thwart these careful beauty efforts, I leaped out of my car rather eagerly (I saw a girl about my age headed in and I have a problem in which I can't help but talk to strangers who could potentially be my friend), forgetting that my pants were rolled to my knees and said hi. Then like a dork I had to awkwardly pause in the parking lot to unroll my pants. After the orientation, I got back in my car only to notice copious amounts of baby puke on the shoulder of my black shirt. TRAIN WRECK!

TGI - almost - W.

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