Friday, September 12, 2008

Dude. Piglet has some issues regarding going to bed. Primarily, he's just not into that. These are the times when I sure miss the crib which contained him so tidily, even though I know he could climb out of it by now anyway.

It all began when we sold our house and it no longer mattered what it looked like. We set Piglet up a mattress and box springs on the floor, bought him some truck sheets at Target, and started his training. He loved it. It was his Big Boy Bed that he showed to anyone who came over. He climbed in and out with ease and mostly slept in the bed. All over the bed, yes, but in it nonetheless.

Then he got a little adventurous. Instead of napping, he would roam around the room getting into trouble and wear himself out until he was crying from exhaustion and would fall asleep in front of the door or on the chair. He soon got over this phase and we thought we were in the clear.

Upon our Big Move to Georgia, his Big Boy Furniture was delivered to the new house. This brought about delight and glee! He slept in his bed JUST FINE for naps and nights for a couple of weeks. Then began the wandering again. This time, it wasn't so safe. With the addition of the new digs, we now had drawers to go through and bed height to leap from, and all kinds of things to take out of things. After a non-nap, his room looked like a cyclone had gone through.

We went through several rounds of putting him back in his bed to no avail. Then I got out the pack n play and stuck him in that. It worked for one day, then he figured out that he can climb out of it just fine and still get to play. Last straw was setting up a sleeping bag and pillow in this weird little room off of his room that used to contain toys and now contains....nothing. It's his little sleeping prison complete with baby gate on the door. And you know what? The weird little booger likes it. We could've saved a lot of money on furntiture if I'd known he'd prefer a thirty year old skunky sleeping bag on the floor. What's a person to do??

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