Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eat! Poop!

Everyone knows that men are terrible communicators and listeners, but I didn't realize it started at the age of 2. Well, almost 2. Did I mention that Piglet will be two next week? He has no idea what's going on, but likes to yell, "TWOOOOOOO!" whenever he hears me say it.

Today I picked him up from preschool (the most awesome, amazing, supertastic creation in the history of time) and his teacher came up to me giggling.

Teacher: I was changing Piglet's diaper today and he yelled out, "BOOBIES!!!" [giggles]

Me: Heh....heh, heh. Wonder where he learned that? [Inwardly cursing Mr. Pigs for teaching him the word months ago during Piglet's going through my bathing suit drawer phase.]

-Later in the car-

Me: Piglet, what did you do at school today?

Piglet: Eat lunch.

Me: What did you have?

Piglet: Pee-butter crackers.

Me: Well, that's weird because I packed you a sandwich.

Piglet: [shrugs]

Me: What else did you do at school?

Piglet: Eat snack.

Me: Did you do anything other than eat?

Piglet: Poopoo!

That was pretty much the end of our discussion. Every day I ask who he played with and he says, "Boys!" and I ask what he played and he says, "Toys!" I may never know what really goes on at school. I know for a fact that they had a fire drill today [and that he was the only one who didn't cry.....clearly gifted beyond his years], but was that mentioned? Nooooo.....can't top the fact that he ate and pooped.

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