Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Peach State

We're here! We're here! We've been unpacking since Tuesday and chasing Piglet all over creation every moment of that time. Until we got the baby gates located and affixed at the bottom of the stairs, it was a challenge for four capable adults to keep up with him. We don't have a fence yet, so Gus is greatly vexed at the humiliation of being taken out on a leash to do his business and has subsequently refused to poop on the leash. Tough life.

Little Piggie has been doing well as he doesn't really seem to know the difference as long as he gets to eat every few hours. Piglet's big news is that his big boy furniture was delivered after we got here. He is hot stuff with his big bed and his truck sheets. Aside from that development, his favorite things about the new house are the flyswatter and ("fy-shwatter) the little boys on swings next door ("Boys! Winging! Boys! Winging!) The Georgia mosquitoes love his sweet soft skin and he's covered in bites at which he claws ("Ish! Ish!")

I'm pooped as I'm about to enter my first week with two babies and no help. If I don't surface for several days, please send in reinforcements. So far, the only advice I've gotten is to make sure to put the toddler in the carseat before the infant. Check.

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