Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Housing Trifecta

Right. So what's up? I'll pretend that I've been here just as regularly as always and post on. I can't remember where I left off, but I'm going to guess that it was somewhere after our Georgia trip. Starting there, we bought a house! After the 35 houses in two days while pregnant insanity search, we narrowed it down and made an offer for our favorite. And? We got it! It's bee-yew-ti-ful. And it has woods. The kind with real trees! No more of these crummy little Texas weeds masquerading as trees. Nyah nyah!

On this end, I believe I've mentioned that our house is for sale....argh. The endless vacuuming and picking up and windexing Gus snot off the windows and Piglet slobber off of the Gus snot is getting quite old. In the midst of all of the cleaning, Piglet has not only learned to open door knobs, but has finally gotten tall enough to climb on and off of all the furniture, thus enabling him to follow Gus from chair to couch to recliner for endless amounts of fun. Cue more straightening from me.

Finishing out the housing trifecta is the housing of the fetus. My housing, that is. It's no big secret that I find pregnancy to be terribly unpleasant. This pregnancy, however, has grown more complicated than the first with the stretching of a round ligament which is somehow entwined with c-section scar tissue. Turns out? Scar tissue does not stretch. So in addition to peeing when I sneeze (did I mention that this is the worst allergy season I've seen in my time in Texas?), I also get the fun surprise of a piercing stab in my ligament region. This symptom alone was superfun enough, but then the kidney stones kicked in. Or so they thought. This week was the third round of stones which, accompanied by the peeing of blood, got me sent to the darn labor and delivery wing for a couple of hours. Then on to a urologist who told me that the baby is smushing the tube that drains my right kidney to my bladder. This is apparently not good. I am to lie on my left side whenever possible to keep kidney from.....I don't know. Exploding or something. So, I guess early delivery is a possibility if my health becomes compromised, which would mess up my Carefully Laid Plans in a big way.

Thus encapsulates my housing trifecta. And brings me to this moment, in which I lie on my bed on my left side and type at a very wacky angle just to share the joy that is my update. It saddens me that people have stopped commenting on my blog. Especially when people tell me how much they like certain posts that I have written when I see them in real life. Come on! Humor me. I'm stuck like a turtle on my left side for six weeks. Have some sympathy. Make me smile!

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