Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Sorry for the vanishing. It's just that this buying/cleaning/attempting to sell a house thing is kind of time consuming. Especially when you have to do your inspection early and fix everything on it for the relocation company. Even if you find out that your two broken window seals are covered by warranty, you have to wait a lifetime for the idiots to install them.

Today was long. Today was Day 3 of "we'll be there sometime between 8 and 12". You know what that means: that means I can't leave the house. That means I can't leave my clean, fixed up, perfectly staged house and I'm trapped in it with a tornadic 19 month old who whirls around leaving destruction in his path at each turn.

I am easily frustrated with incompetence. And rain, but that's not really something I can blame on someone. These people came to measure the windows. They made new ones. They brought them over on my birthday, the first day of my 8-12 entrapment. Turns out? After clearing my morning and waiting for them, those pesky windows didn't fit. They must've measured wrong. Oopsie daisy! So they measured again and went to make more windows. They came to put them in yesterday (two weeks later). After an hour long power outage during breakfast (no coffee), a large storm, and buckets of rain, they arrived. They climbed the ladder. It rained. They got in the truck. It stopped. They climbed the ladder. It rained. They took the ladder and left, saying they'd be back today between 8 and 12. My blood pressure escalated.

Today. It got to be about 10:30 before I called. A lady told me they were backed up because of yesterday's rain. Oh, really? Well, my house is for sale and I'm tired of sitting in it waiting for people to replace my windows. If someone had measured correctly in the first place, this would have been done two weeks ago. She said she'd call him and call me back with an update. 45 minutes passed. I called again. She had forgotten to call him, sorry. Her bad. She'd call me back in a minute. Ring ring! They're running behind, they'll be there between 1 and 1:30. Piglet's naptime. The window is in his bedroom, and I'm guessing that removing it would not be conducive to sleep. I don't mess with sleep. I carefully explained to her that this was why I had selected the morning time frame. I then told her in great detail exactly what a 19 month old could do to a clean house on the market in four hours. She says she has no idea what to do. I suggest switching me to later in the afternoon and she agrees. After 3, she says.

At quite past 4:00, the men return at last. They install the windows and I am super happy. I go on a field trip to Learning Express to buy a gift. While buckling Piglet into his stroller, my skirt blows up, flashing my green and orange striped underwear to a strip mall of shoppers. I am no longer happy.

Mr. Pigs is heinously late getting home from work, despite promises to try to leave early. It seems he has forgotten how to use cellular device. Again. I've already planned his funeral and canceled my move to Georgia in lieu of my late husband and fatherless children when he finally calls ten minutes after he's supposed to be home telling me he has just left. Growl.

Finally, since there was no time to cook dinner, I dashed out for a quick Subway dinner only to find that Subway was out of food. To be specific, they were out of three kinds of bread, tuna, mozzarella cheese, and spinach. The line was ten people deep and the two people working there seemed to be surprised to find themselves making sandwiches. The woman in front of me turned and muttered to her children, "This is what happens when people do drugs." I snickered.

On a positive note, we have a showing tomorrow and no windows to be installed. It's supposed to be a sunny day in the 80s. We got a letter from Mattress Firm stating that they indeed agreed with us that our seven year old mattress was faulty and included a $600 credit for a new mattress. Always save your receipts! And that little tag that they say not to remove under penalty of law. All I need is for today's stain to come off of the stomach of my maternity shirt and a batch of chocolate chip cookies and I think I'll be as good as new. Eddie's coming to visit on Saturday too, so the future is looking bright.

Ta ta!

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