Monday, April 28, 2008

From the land of peaches

Pant. We are in the big state of Georgia househunting like bandits. Well, not literally bandits. We haven't stolen anything except for a pack of chocolate chip cookies from the maid's cart at the hotel and that was clearly necessary for me to have my fix. Looking at 35 houses in two days is really exhausting on one who is gestating a fetus. I really don't recommend it to anyone who is considering it as a fun getaway.

A few things that have come of the trip.....

As I mentioned previously, people are just nasty. It shocks me the number of people who simply live in squalor. And who live in fairly nice houses in squalor! I mean, houses are expensive! If you make that kind of investment, why would you not take care of it? It blows my mind how many people seem to have no idea that they are living in a house which is on the market. Almost like it's a surprise to see that sign in their yard. It seems that many people have never heard of touch up paint. Or sweeping, for that matter. Blagh.

We are narrowed down to seven at this point, and none of them contain existing squalor. Several of them do contain some renovation potential or basement finising needs, but that was to be expected.

A sidenote that came up last night...

My husband is notorious for getting car sick. As long as he's driving, he's fine. If he's in the front seat, he's usually okay. He doesn't do well in the back. As a result, my strained round ligament, crooked aching back, fat, uncomfortable self has taken the backseat for two days. I did this because it's not worth it for him to be feeling sickly and me to have to listen to him complain. Last night, he had the audacity to claim that having carsickness is just as bad as being pregnant. He said it's the same intensity. Because carsickness totally lasts for ten months. I did not punch him, but considered my options.

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