Monday, April 21, 2008

Piglet Update

I don't update about Piglet nearly as often as a good mommy should. He's a good little man, almost 19 months old, quite sturdy and very active. He's really into talking these days, and according to Eddie's nerdy word survey, he's up to around 150 words.

He is obsessed with airplanes and construction equipment, which he calls "Jay Jays" and "chactohs" respectively. He loves to water plants, dust, Swiffer, vacuum, and help with laundry. I think he will make someone a great husband someday. Though he has not done it yet, he's very interested in lawn mowers, his word for which sounds very much like the word he uses for my brother in law Daniel and, um, banjos. Daniel, banjo, and lawnmower - clearly a connection, right? If you want to speak fluent Piglet, you should also know that "may-moe" can mean remote, mailbox, or Elmo.

Piglet has become very aware of pooping. He likes to announce exactly what I'm doing in the toilet at the moment it is happening. ("Poo poo! Pee pee!") He also likes to assist with the process by handing me "pape" to wipe with. He ends his involvement by waving to the flushing water and occasionally reaching in to swish his hand through the water/pee. Now, when it comes to his pooping, he doesn't care for an audience, though my poops are a total spectator sport. If I even look at him when he's pooping, I am firmly dismissed with a shoo of the hand and a "MAMA! BUH BYE!" until I look away or leave. Sensitive. During a diaper change, if there's poop in it, he'll say "Hooooo!" the way I do when something stinks, then follow it with a bye bye. ("Hooo! Bye bye!")

In other language development, Piglet loves his wagon (wawee!), his slide (wee!) and yogurt (wee wee!). This bit of vocabulary can lead to some interesting statements from adults' mouths if they try to speak his language instead of saying the correct words. From my husband recently: "Piglet, if you eat your wee wee, we can go play with your wee." Hopefully no one listens over our fence or at our windows. Piglet still isn't interested in TV, but will look at books for long periods of time, especially if they have lifty flaps. He won't eat meat or bread, but enjoys any cheese, yogurt, dairy, fruit or veggie you put in front of him, so who am I to complain?

The Piglet is always in a state of great disarray. Though he's not one to cry about it, he gets injured every 30 minutes or so as a result of charging into everything at full speed with no regard for safety. His idea of sliding is running down the slide and bashing into the grass with open arms and a holler. Therefore, there is always a bruise on his face, a cut on his cheek, and an unexplained owie somewhere on his hands/arms/legs. His hair won't lay down properly and gives him a constant look of mischief. Speaking of mischief, Gus is his very best friend in the world and can do no wrong in his eyes. Piglet thinks he is perfect. The feeling is not entirely mutual.

Piglet has no patience for a diaper change and will lie to your face about even the most obvious of smelly offenses in his pants. He likes to "go-go" all the time. He does not care for stop lights, chats with neighbors, or my involvement in a phone conversation. He cuddles only before nap and bedtime while reading stories, and for that he will use his "again" sign for as many times as you will read Goodnight Moon to him. Or his stimulating book about construction equipment.

He likes to be sung to, and he loves to dance. He likes shoes, but not hats, broccoli, but not muffins, and will play outside all day if allowed. His favorite word is wipes, which he pronounces "WOPS!" with great enthusiasm and a spray of spittle. His girlfriend is named Alice and she keeps him straight and tells him how it is, the way a good girlfriend should. They have recently learned to hold hands and are pretty adorable.

My girlfriend Alice

That summary should about cover the last six months or so, and I'll try to be a more consistent poster regarding the Piglet in the future. I leave you with a picture of the little mongrel in a rare picture that doesn't have a blur of motion in it.

My New Chair

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