Thursday, April 17, 2008

Get it!

There's a gene that runs in my family called the Snake Killing Gene. For those of us who have it, it makes perfectly good sense and makes life much simpler. For those around us, it seems to be an annoying imperfection.

How would you kill a snake? As fast as possible, of course. This is how I go about my daily tasks and routines. As a result, I am extremely efficient. I get lots of things done in a short amount of time and I can mark things off of a list with the speed of lightning. Now, is my work of the highest quality? You don't have to ask my husband the engineer to guess that the answer is no. In our house, if you want something done fast, I'm in charge, if you want something done right, he is. (Though it KILLS me to tolerate him slugging through a task. It takes forEVER.)

Last night I spent two hours making lists. Actually, I began making a list of the lists that I needed to make, then my lesser lists evolved from from that list. It might seem strange that someone who likes to kill snakes would spend this much time making lists, but it's just so satisfying. If I don't write things down, they swim around in my head keeping me awake at night, but writing them down gives me a sense of accomplishment close to that of finishing a task quickly.

So that brings me to my lip picking. This is not a family gene, it's just a bad habit of mine which pops up when I'm stressed or busy. I'm a picker in general...I like a nice scab or a nose (well, not any nose, I prefer my own), but a lip has always done in times of boredom or stress. I find it calming. Anyway...I got to making these lists last night and took to picking and lo and behold came up with an impressive array of lists. I went to bed feeling relieved and purged. And a little sore in the lip.

My lists? As follows:

Things to take on househunting trip next week

Piglet's schedule for grandparents

Piglet's list of allowable foods for grandparents

Things for grandparents to bring to Georgia

Things to buy at IKEA before we move

Things to do to the house this weekend before meeting with TX realtor

Things to ask Texas realtor

Things to ask Georgia realtor

Things to do the weekend before the house goes on the market

Things to buy before Cletus the Fetus is born

Appointments to make before moving

Paperwork to complete for relocation company, movers, GA realtor, TX realtor

Things for Mr. Pigs to take in the car during move

Things for me to take on plane during move

Things we like about our house to go in listing

Things that can be done to/for new house after Mr. Pigs gets there before movers arrive.

And, of course, my weekly/daily to do list

You can imagine my relief to get that all written down. That many things swimming around in one's head can really keep one awake at night. But, so can too many chocolate chip cookies, so I have a situation with confounding variables. If I wasn't a snake killer, I might sit around and ponder the cause, but really, I just want to get this post finished and posted.

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