Saturday, March 08, 2008

Somebody has got to know the answer to this -

In the very early 90s....1990/1991 at the latest, people (sadly including me*) wore these outfits that I need to find a picture of. Let's test my descriptive abilities...

It was a one piece ensemble. Mine was a foxy denim, but there were also floral or colorful jobbies. They were sleeveless, but you wore a shirt under them, sometimes a shirt with a large collar. They often had buttons down the front and external front pockets, not unlike a clown suit. There was a "waist", but it was not in any way fitted and often involved pleats. The legs were kind of billowy down to the ankle where they tapered and had a cuff-like thing. They were like tight-rolled jeans tapered, just not big at the bottom.

We were discussing 80s and 90s fashion at dinner tonight, and of the 9 people present, only one knew what I was talking about. So, to prove that I was not hallucinating in 1990, I need to find a picture of one on the Internet. My Googling skills are apparently quite poor, as I have had no luck. I don't know what these beauts are called, so I'm stuck.

Whoever finds me a picture wins the prize! Anyone who can at least corroborate this fashion phenomenon will at least be revered.

*I would like to state for the record that I wore one because it disguised my scoliosis back brace that I was convinced people could tell I was wearing.

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