Saturday, March 08, 2008

Butt Would Be Good

Eddie: I ate octopus tonight. I shouldn't have, though, because they're smart.

Pigs: You wouldn't eat something because of its intelligence?

Eddie: Well, no. I'd eat human. Or chimp.

Pigs: Like, if you were starving on an island?

Eddie: Or if they served it in a restaurant. You know like a novelty.

Pigs: Novelty human appetizer?

Eddie: Yeah!

Pigs: I'd want to eat thigh, I think. Or butt. Like pork butt?

Eddie: Oh, yeah - butt all the way. It's muscular, yet would have a nice marbly fat content.

Pigs: Mmmmmm....I bet butt would be good.

Eddie: Yeah. I guess that octopus was okay.

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