Sunday, March 09, 2008

Here she comes again...

It's been a while since I've blogged about the high I get from being cheap. I plugged the Grocery Game on here earlier in the year and a few of you signed up and gave it a whirl. But! In case you need reminding of the joy that is saving money, here's my summary from this morning's supermarket sweep.

This purchase of $93.28 purchase included, aside from my regular groceries, two Olay lotions, 4 packs of chicken breasts, 2 pounds of ground turkey, 12 double rolls of Charmin, 8 double rolls of Bounty, 2 jumbo packs of Pampers, 3 boxes of cereal, and 2 - um - gallons of Breyer's Neapolitan ice cream. Not sure how those slipped in there again.


That's right, campers! I saved $119.03 or 56%. I know half of you think I'm nuts and the other half think I have no life, but it's really worth 30 minutes of my time once a week to sit down and make this magic happen. That will be all the bragging and plugging for today. (If you'd like to sign up for the grocery game, email me at whenpigssing at yahoo dot com and I'll give you my username for referrals.) Now I'm done! Really, really. I'll leave you with my glorious scan of coupons used. I'm going to put them out of business on sheer ink usage.

Beautiful Coupons

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