Monday, September 03, 2007

Are you for real?

Alright, people, are you kidding me? Nearly 50% of you would choose to be obese? For real? My analysis of that dilemma, much like a game of Would You Rather....

I'm assuming that the condition described would be ever-present. For example, if you chose to be obese, but in generally good health, I would guess that the weight would always be there. I realize that the good health part is kind of unlikely, but still. I just can't imagine that being my first choice, especially knowing that I couldn't lose the weight. I mean, I think about bathing suit shopping and airplane seats and mean students.

Now the hair thing - my personal choice - would also always be there, but there's so many options for hair. There's bleach, there's Nair, there's the trusty razor. There's laser hair removal, there's tweezing, endless possibilities. Unlike the option for chronic acne, I suppose. Acne's a beating now matter how you look at it. I'd be interested to know why the 4% of folks selected that one. Just curious.

Now, the one that concerned me the most was the quarter of readers who elected to have no friends in favor of one of the less than fortunate physical attributes! I can't imagine that. No friends? That would be my absolute last choice, my personal nightmare. No phone calls? No one on your IM list? Nobody to shop with? I shudder at the thought. I must have people around me at all times. That has been one of the biggest obstacles to staying home with Piglet. I have to actively plan and seek my social life because personal interaction simply must happen. I love to talk. Talking on the phone, talking in person, while walking, over coffee, between tennis points, at lunch, in the yard, I have to talk. Chat. Converse. Gossip. How can there be 12 people out there who can live without that joy? How? I remain perplexed.

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