Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yo no se.

So, this is what I'm facing:


Somehow, by a week from Saturday, I have to turn this mess into a profitable garage sale. (If you see a gift you have given me, I apologize in advance. I'm sure it's in there accidentally.) I'm not sure how many of you have heard, but the Pigs Family is going to be moving back to the east coast sometime next summer. I know you will be sad to lose my rants about the freakishness that is Texas, but alas. Pigs must head homeward. Twenty hour car trips with a Piglet ain't gonna happen. [Sidenote: Have any longtime readers noticed the decline in number of anti-Texas rants? I think it may have grown on me. Not everything, don't get all excited. I've just gotten used to it.]

Returning to my point: How the heck do I go about attacking this situation? I have a few questions to ask seasoned pros. It should be noted that my supplies include my garage, one large table, a few medium sized boxes, and the ability to purchase stickers. I'm open to suggestions as to supplies I may need to borrow/find.

1. Clothes. Do I hang them? Where? Stack them? How?

2. Prices. I have no idea where to begin. Items in question include clothes, shoes, seasonal stuff, linens, answering machine, candles (unused), tacky old teacher gifts, fake flowers.

3. Would CDs sell?

4. Advertising. When? How?

I think that about covers it. The last time I participated in a yard sale, it involved Eddie. Despite great efforts, she failed to sell her bridesmaid dress from my wedding, which she hung alluringly from a tree branch, but I did manage to make a $3 profit on her ugly green shoes from my wedding. The best part about the yard sale was when she would choose one particularly garish item as the "secret buy" and when someone would purchase it, she'd start shrieking, "Whooooop! Whoooooop!", like on the Price is Right when someone wins something, and would race across the yard to award the winner a prize, typically some other garish item that wasn't selling. I vividly recall a Christmas pot holder? It was an interesting experience, but not particularly useful in this case. Help?

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