Friday, August 31, 2007

Who Be Dat?

You know, these polls are pretty fun! [Polls over there <---- on the sidebar.] It's interesting that most of my readers are between 22 and 39. I guess I'm right in the middle of that, so it makes sense. I thought for some reason that I would have more readers over 40 or 50 for some reason. You guys must just sound really wise and seasoned in your comments.

Also? I'd like to know who's chiming in from Finland and Poland and Canada! It appears that with a few exceptions, my readership is primarily on the east coast, my homeland, though this blog has always been written in Texas, my other blob of readers. Perhaps this is only interesting to me, but it's my blog and I'll blabber on if I want to.

Speaking of blabber, I would like to share a PS to my frugality post this week. After scoring all the free/cheap groceries, I hatched a new plan. I transferred my prescription to CVS in honor of their "transfer a prescription for a $30 gift card" offer. I paid my $7 for my meds, spent $30 on items from my Target list for free (!) and next month? I'll be transferring that prescription right on over to Kroger, where they've offered me a $20 gift card for each transferred prescription. That's right, baby! I'm beating the system again! Whoop!

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