Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's so worth it.

I have a new obsession. If you read this blog, you already know I'm slightly, um.....frugal. Cheap. Really, I'm a total tightwad. I've always clipped coupons and stalked sales and revered outlet shopping, but now? I've crossed into a whole new realm of cheap. The magical website that is the Grocery Game has become the highlight of my week.

This website pairs up sales at your local grocery store with coupons from the last month or two and gives you the advantage of rock bottom prices. On Monday? I saved 50% on my bill. I got $114 of groceries for $57. FOR REAL! It's the most amazing thing ever. If you decide to do it? Please email me at whenpigssing at yahoo dot com and ask me for the email address I used so you can put me as your referrer. You won't be sorry, readers! Take it from me, the Queen of Cheap.

I call my mom each week to tell her how much I saved and am appalled at her lack of interest. How can saving $57 not interest you?? I can't fathom the apathy. She says it sounds like too much trouble. Too much trouble? It's the best 30 minutes of my Sunday! I hunker down, crouched over my desk like a detective on a mission. I scan my list and snatch a coupon with a satisfied cackle of pride. I jot down a meal idea to go with the deal. It's like me against the system. The grocery store system....mwah ah ah! I got yer number, Kroger!

Entering Kroger on Monday mornings, I pretend I'm a crafty bandit robbing the grocery store blind. Clutched in my hand is my wad of coupons and my list of goods. I'm armed, I'm ready. I dart up and down the aisles, laughing snidely at the sale signs because I'm already in the know. Buy one, get one free, 10 for $10, 50% off with card...mine, all mine! I grab, I toss, I weave, and at last, the pinnacle moment.....[cue heavenly music] I check out. My heart begins to pound softly in anticipation of what's about to transpire.

I know the cashier must be astounded at the amount of double beeps emanating from the register, indicating my price reductions. I know he's thinking, "Wow, now this is a chick who knows how to save some green!" He's impressed, I can see it in his eyes. I demurely keep my stash of coupons tucked behind the counter, until he gives me my low, low, low total and then....Wha-BAM! I fan out my hoard of coupon goodness and thrust it into his palm. How low can she go?? I know he's thinking. He feverishly scans them one after another until the big moment. The climax. "Ma'am, you've saved 50% today using your Kroger Plus card." I tingle down to the tips of my toes and break into a relieved sweat. It was worth it.

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