Sunday, August 05, 2007

Your Ending

Oh, that was good fun. Eddie should know better than to have such a questionable IM session with me. And the rest of you should know me well enough to know that if something tragic had happened to Eddie, I wouldn't joke about it. Well, not major joking.

Anyway, end of story was that she put me through all that drama and all it was was an unwanted/unexpected visitor. Could she not have typed "thatguy's here, brb"? Would that have been soooooooooo difficult? I think not. Anyone who knows me should cater to my overactive imagination. Mr. Pigs is still learning that after, oh...nine years or so. Slow learner.

Speaking of Mr. Pigs, his quote of the week is this: "How come you can't just put my clothes away? You leave me a pile of folded clothes on my bed every single day." Excuse me? No lie. That's what he said, in all seriousness. The quote from today is: "How long are you going to bring that up? Is that going on your blog?" Yes. Yes, it is.

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