Monday, August 06, 2007

Harry Potter: Pigs' Breakdown With Spoilers

Now that Eddie has finished reading at last, we can get to it. Some of these questions and comments I wrote a week ago and have settled on answers now, but would still like to hear you talk about it. A nice roundtable conversation, if you will.

1. I want to know what Harry's job was when he grew up. And Hermione's, Ron's, and Malfoy's. We know about Neville. Since writing this, I've read J.K. Rowling's interview and was pleased to learn about the jobs of Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Luna. That was a load off the 'ol mind.

2. Seems like Ron and Hermione's son would've been named Fred. I hated that Fred was killed. Wasn't maiming George enough? Sheesh.

3. I kind of got chills when Grown Harry called his son Albus Severus. I wonder if James' middle name is Sirius?

4. I loved how Neville got to be a hero in the end after being kind of a goobersmooch for so long. Oh, and how his Grandmother was a total badass. He finally made her proud. Then she went off to battle evil and kill Death Eaters. Heh.

5. I'm amazed and enthralled by Rowling's ability to weave in what seemed like insignificant details from even the first book to the final plot. Big ones to me: Griphook and the details about Gringott's from book one, Lee Jordan the Quidditch announcer winding up with the radio show, the invisibility cloak having such significance, the enchantment protecting Harry from his mother was actually tangled up with Voldemort's Horcrux mess, the Mirror of Erised...

6. I knew Snape was working with Dumbledore! I knew it! The love story with Lily was really interesting. I didn't see that coming, but it made greasy Snape somewhat endearing.

7. Dobby died helping Harry. I love that Harry dug his grave without magic. I'm still sad about Hedwig. That seemed a little rough.

8. Professor McGonagall got to show her feistiness. It was awesome.

9. Kind of want to know who raised Tonks and Lupin's baby. Tonks' mom?

10. Where did Harry get all his gold? I wish I knew more history on his parents. The ending seemed to leave open a chance for further development into the lives of his children, but I don't think she'll do that. She said she was done. But if she decided to change her mind, I'd certainly read it. Have now read about her possible intention to write a Harry Potter Encyclopedia with everyone's backstories. I think she could use another billion dollars or so. I'll chip in.

11. Who's the headmaster at Hogwarts? McGonagall? The interview says she'd be too old, so it's someone new.

12. Why Fred instead of Percy if a Weasley must die? Interesting that Percy came back into the fold.

13. I want someone to explain to me exactly how it was that Harry didn't die from Voldemort's curse, and exactly what happened to the "raw, flayed-looking child" that was in the room with Harry and Dumbledore. I get the gist, but I want specifics. I read it a couple times, but it still seemed kind of ambiguous to me.

14. Eddie and I just had to go back and figure it out, and we get it now, but it was very intricate and cool how Draco was actually the master of the Elder Wand. It was such a tiny detail in Book 6 that was so important at the end. Wow! It was fun to talk about.

So what did you think? What are your questions? Let's chat it up! Go!

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