Monday, June 04, 2007

Things 121-130

I took almost a year's break from this endeavor, so I think I'll resume here.

121. I cannot bear to sit on a warm toilet seat. It grosses me out to think that someone else just sat there long enough to warm the seat.

122. I have four hairs that grow on each of my big toes.

123. Twenty three is my favorite number. I think because it's my birthdate, but I think the numbers are pretty together. I also kind of favor 26 with no good reason.

124. As mentioned in an earlier post, I visualize numbers as colors and picture a calendar as a circle with shades of color tinting different seasons.

125. I'm dying to know who the Mighty Favog is who posts comments on here all the time and has no blog. Eddie and I had a fierce debate last night over Favog's gender. Yes, we are sad.

126. I love black and white photographs in white frames. It does something fancy for me.

127. When I was little, I really really really wanted to drive the fire truck when I grew up because I liked how all the cars pulled off the road for you when you honked.

128. I'm a compulsive coupon clipper.

129. I still wear my retainers at night because my teeth move if I don't and I really don't want my buck teeth to return. They're still lurking under there, taunting me.

130. I went on a cruise once and really didn't like it. It's fun with a group of friends, but it didn't do much for me on the whole. I like a nice resort better.

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