Friday, August 04, 2006

Things 111-120

Continued from here.

111. I can open doorknobs with my right toes. I used to be able to (used to could) do it with my left toes too, before the Unfortunate Sink Incident.

112. I have a lawsuit in motion against the insurance company of said Mexican restaurant in which the sink fell off the wall and shattered on my foot last September. They paid for my medical bills, but don't seem to think that I am entitled to anything for pain and suffering or the replacement of things like my tennis fees or really cute shoes that were ruined.

113. I like to wrap presents. There's something so tidy and orderly about it.

114. I am terrible at running. I spend the whole event just counting to the next driveway and the minutes until it's all over.

115. I pride myself on good handwriting, probably another reason I became a teacher. My grandmother used to compliment my cursive and to this day, I still try to use really good cursive when I write her letters.

116. I love getting Real Mail. Real Mail involves handwriting and a stamp on the envelope. Eddie and I used to send letters all the time just to get real mail in college. Even after the advent of email.

117. I have a really hard time shaving my knees. I can shave and shave and shave and I'll get in the car and see 5 or 6 little sticky up hairs shining in the sunlight.

118. When I was little, I made all my books into a library and charged my sister and her friends 50 cents each for a library card. I also charged overdue fines. I was wicked cool back then.

119. My left foot is half a size bigger than my right foot. My left boob is also bigger than my right boob.

120. One set of my grandparents has had 8 spouses between them. Pretty impressive. We're all very proud.

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