Thursday, July 20, 2006

Things 101-110

Just for something new and kicky, I am going to copy Jen and attempt to add to my 100 Things list until I run out of things to say. We'll shoot for, say....ten at a time, but I'm not guaranteeing ten a week or anything like that. So, here we begin:

101. I used to sneak all kinds of candy and sweets into my bedroom to munch on while I was reading. I thought this was very clever and elusive. I often hid HoHo's in my yellow pencil box. One time, I was eating a Gobstopper and somehow sucked it down my throat during a really good part in Sweet Valley High: Slam Book Fever and I thought I was going to die. I stood in my doorway, unable to breathe, torn between dying and telling my mom that I had candy in my room. Tough call.

102. My front tooth is chipped. It's been bonded and repaired, but it will always be chipped because I am a clod. My sister and I were rollerskating in the basement, probably to our Cabbage Patch Kids record, and she bashed into a table. Making fun of her, I imitated her crash. Except I lost a bunch of my tooth to that table.

103. I love coupons. You might call me a bit obsessed. I hate buying anything that is not a) on sale, b) couponable, or c) otherwise a steal.

104. I like to smell freshly printed catalogs. And the coffee aisle at the grocery store. And Subway.

105. My first tape was The Bangles.

106. I took two semesters of German and the only things I can say are "grocery store", "I love you", and "Dinner's ready."

107. I salt my canteloupe and apples.

108. My husband and I have birthdays four days apart, but we are different astrological signs. I'm a Taurus and he's an Aries. Those signs aren't really supposed to marry.

109. I've never seen Titanic. Some people seem to think this is tragic. I don't.

110. I hate when toilet paper comes off the back of the roll. I think the roll should be situated so that the paper comes over the top and down the front. That's just the way things should be.

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