Thursday, May 10, 2007

Put on your thinking caps...

Pigs is ready to be a teacher again. Not full time or anything, just a little tutoring around the 'hood. I'm trying to create a flyer today advertising myself as the stellar educator that I am. I'd like to insert something about my modesty as well.

Here's where you come in: I want to offer two services. One, your basic tutoring in reading and/or math. Preferably grades 2-5, since that's what I know best and with some emphasis on the state TAKS test preparation. Two, I'd like to create some sort of 4th grade writing, um....thing. This is where I'm stuck. It's not so much tutoring because rising fourth graders probably haven't done enough in writing yet to be behind. I want to market it as a jump start type thing. So what would be a catchy name for that? It's almost an enrichment....put your child ahead of the pack kind of thing. Help!

I need to be back around big kids again. I miss them and their antics. This is a way for me to do it sans the crazy principal. Ideas! Quick! Go!

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