Monday, May 07, 2007


So I'm in Target a lot. At least once a week, sometimes more. Target has never been as good for people watching as, say, WalMart, but it just has so much stuff that I NEED that I can't stop going there. But today, the people watching meter jumped up a notch. Or three.

There I was, standing in line. Standing in line with my diapers, my baby food, my two cute little starter pots of basil and chives, and yes, my bacon. Did you know you can buy bacon at Target? Even the check out guy commented on my bacon. So, there I was with my bacon. After the checkout lady behind me called Piglet a "sweet girlie", despite his overalls and blue bib, I became annoyed and began to eavesdrop on the couple one aisle over.

The woman had a bundle of baby under a blanket, a child in the basket part of her cart, an infant car seat in the front of her cart, and a husband in overalls and a trucker cap who hadn't seen a razor in at least a decade. The cashier who had just told Piglet how pretty he was inquired about this lady's apparent bundle of joy.

The woman lifted up the blanket to give her a peek and OH MY LORD she was nursing this baby in Target! As she walked around the Target this woman was nursing an infant! She flashed boobie-sucking-baby at the cashier, me, and all those behind me, and then said, "He's eatin' right now!" Thank you, Captain Obvious. I was aghast. Didn't know what to do with myself and I wasn't even an intentional part of this interaction. I flustered my way through my Targetian transaction and hastened to the exit, leaving Flashy von Udder to share her suckling spawn with the rest of Target.

I mean, come ON. I'm all for natural goodness and breastfeeding and all that, but IN TARGET?? While you're walking around?! Really? A newborn baby eats every couple of hours. Could you not work your Target trip around the feedings? I know there's some people who are going to go zonkers over women's right to nurse and blah, blah. Fine. If you want to nurse in Target as you stroll the aisles, I guess more power to you. Seems a little risky and unnecessary to me, but whatever floats your boat. However, I do advise that you not actually flash your nursing child at the cashier. Or the innocent bystanders. My eyes are still burning. As are possibly the eyes of my sweet baby "girl" Piglet. Growl.

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