Sunday, May 20, 2007


Um....I have a bleb. My husband says that someone must have said, "Hey, what's the grossest sounding word you can think of? Let's name this medical condition!"

Bleb. Say it until it has no meaning. Bleb.

It seems that I always manage to get less than common medical conditions, not to mention my affinity for odd accidents. When I was little, I had that little piece of skin that connects your bottom gums to your bottom lip snipped because it was pulling my gums away from my teeth. My vision is off the charts bad coming in at 20/1100 last check. I would be two inches taller if not for my S-curve scoliosis. A sink fell off a wall onto my foot, smashing my toe. A coconut fell out of a tree and missed my head by mere inches. I have a condition called Raynaud's Disease where my fingers swell up and itch if they get too cold. When I'm around a cat or the month of May, the white part of my eyeballs swells up and itches.

And now I have a bleb. Sigh.

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