Friday, May 18, 2007

Donde Esta los Estudiantes?


My friend and I have spent the last three days distributing flyers to houses around my neighborhood. Make that my friend-who-deserves-a-medal-for-helping me-do-this. In the Texas sun. With two babies. Did I mention the sun? 250 flyers later, I realize I have a really big neighborhood.

Guess how many calls I've gotten! Go ahead....take your best guess! I'll wait while you think. Remember, I've spent three days putting out 250 flyers....

*drumming fingers on desktop*

*whistling Dixie*

Did you guess? Well, I bet you're wrong because the answer is NONE! Nada. Zip. Zero. I will agree that door to door flyers is probably not the ideal manner in which to garner a superior amount of tutorees, but none? Really? If I hadn't gotten really good exercise and a stellar start on my tan, I would be sadly disappointed.

Additionally, I created one of those flyers with the Hangy Down Tear Off Strips™ and hung one at both pools which I frequent and have Big Plans to hang them at the two libraries. Can you think of any other places to hang such a flyer? Maybe a gym?

My hope is that people probably want to get the school year over with first before getting on with tutoring and writing training and such. So, my New Plan is to start when I come home from the beach at the end of June. That is assuming that people, you I have had one email from a former student's parent who happens to be in my book club. She is looking for a tutor for her other son. So, okay, I have one kid. Uno.

If anyone has any other clever ideas for getting the word out, I'm all ears.

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