Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who's Got a Beard That's Long and White? Santa's Got a Beard That's Long and White....

So, I'm giving the aforementioned bridal shower/cocktail partay on Saturday. The amount of booze has been narrowed down to approximately 48 beers and 4-5 bottles of wine. Any thoughts on this? Please share. I have at last selected the appetizers. I do have a bed made for my guest, and an air mattress prepared (well, in the box in the room of choice) for another friend flying in from Seattle.

Have I cleaned the house? No. Have I cooked? Nope. Have I yet gone to the grocery store? Huh-uh. Know why? Because it was 85 degrees today and bee-a-yew-ti-ful outside, so I went to the lake with Piglet and his girlfriend and her mom. Then I hit Sonic. And it was goooo-od. So that brings me to now. 8:45pm. Piglet safely ensconced in dreamland. Dinner finished and dishes done. Friend arriving tomorrow morning, noonish. Seems like I should be feeling some pressure.

I do have cups. I am taking solace in the fact that I have cups. Clear plastic ones. And napkins, the nice kind. Do you think it's white trash to serve wine out of those clear hard plastic short cups? Like punch cups? 'Cause I only have 6 wine glasses that aren't crystal and this isn't exactly an event that necessitates crystal. Should probably go make grocery list....

...Oh, look! Turtles! (name that reference?)

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