Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Relatives Come A-Callin'

We've had Grandpa Pigs and Grandma Pigs out here visiting wee Piglet this week, so my apologies for the lack of posting. A brief update in pictures for you:

1. Piglet has taken to hitting. Kind of a lot. Could he have a violent streak? Could he already be ADHD to show that karma is a real thing for me talking about all those kids that way? Perhaps he's just active. I'm not sure, but he was pretty abusive to Grandpa. [Note the K-Fed-esque cap askew on watermelon head.]

Grandpa and Me

2. Peas. We've been doing great on the 'ol rice cereal and oatmeal, but today we ventured into pea territory. Turns out, not such a happy place. I read that it can take 10-15 tries for someone to adjust to a taste, so I envision lots of peas in Piglet's future. Lots of adjustment. The best part of the event was when he actually squinched up his eyes and shuddered, as though to shake it off. [See video.]

Peas?! Noooooo!

3. Piglet went a-swingin' for the first time at the park. Do you think the swing might be a shade too big for him? Bygones. He had a fun time and I like the picture. It's like a cute little bucket of Piglet.

Just A-Swingin'

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