Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Things and Stuff.

Okay, so my New Year's Blogolutions aren't going so well. I fully intended to post every other day at least, but two of the legal excuses applied: I had company and I was sick. Well, sort of. I am a firm believer in the wonder that is Zicam. Since Piglet's been born, I have successfully staved off five colds. Yes, just the five. Apparently extreme lack of sleep leaves my immune system weakened and frail. This cold I've been fighting with this past week had the unfortunate timing to coincide with my winter visit from Aunt Eddie who came to meet the Piglet. Lucky for us, we were still able to squeeze in most of our usual shopping and our sushi trip. Whew! That would have been catastrophic.

Currently, Piglet has been giving us a run for our money in the sleep department. He's a sneaky little booger....he had been sleeping through the night before Christmas, but after a week of travels, he decided that wasn't working out for him any longer and has graced us with nightly awakenings, usually at 1:30, 3:08, and 5:15am, only wanting to eat at the last awakening. I've read that travel can screw them up, as can growth spurts and something mysterious called the Four Month Sleep Regression. Sounds kinda ominous. He's 3.75 months old (to be dorkily precise), so it could be any one of those things. Lucky me! Any insight would be welcome on this topic. Here's the rub: He's a wild man, so he has to be swaddled (double swaddled, actually) to sleep at anytime. I am in no way opposed to crying it out, however when he cries for more than a minute or two he wrestles out of his swaddle and then there's definitely no sleep to be had. So what's a person to do? We are currently utilizing the pacifier and a nice walk when he wakes up. He goes back to sleep quickly, but who wants to do that??

That will be all about Piglet for now. Gus has requested use of the computer, so you may be hearing from him in the near future. His behavior has left something to be desired of late.

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