Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A Lot of People Say, "What's That? It's Pat!"

So, lively as I am these days, my New Year's Eve festivities consisted of dinner out and in bed by 10:30. That's no reason not to liven things up with inspiring conversation and good natured debate, which is just what occurred when no one at our table could agree on the gender of the person pictured below. Now, I realize that it's a poor quality camera phone shot, and I am aware that Piglet's right ear features prominently in the picture, but I'd still like to hear your opinions. The debate at dinner was never settled and it was agreed that we would leave it to the blog reading public to make the call.

Some pertinent information:

1. The person was wearing a tie.
2. My friend claims that the person was, shall we say, "chesty" in profile when he/she walked by our table.
3. The person was at first sitting beside a girl, but then the rest of their (?) family joined them.
4. The person looked somewhat alternative in dress, making the ambiguity even more challenging.

So, with those clues and this picture, go forth! Opine! Settle our debate.

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