Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Blogolutions

*To go visit the blogs of people who comment here. I used to be really good about that, then I quit teaching and sometime in the transition all the people who read my "teacher blog" fell away and things got lonely for a while. Now there are some new folks out there reading and I need to get to know them. BAH! to the quitters, I say. Who needs 'em?

*To blog at least every other day. With the exception of some weekends because they get busy. Or if I have company. Or I'm sick. Okay, this isn't a great resolution, but I'll try.

*To be sure my blog isn't entirely devoted to Piglet. While he is fascinating to me, I realize that his daily antics do not guarantee fabulous blog fodder to the average reader. Plus, I'd like to think about things other than Piglet once in a while. I think so far I've done an okay job of balancing the blog.

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