Friday, January 12, 2007


I went to school yesterday! Back into the Pit! Yes, the same school. One would think that I'd have the sense to leave well enough alone, but I'm just going back for about a month to help out before the writing test. A mere six hours a week, no homeroom, no lesson plans, no parents, few dealings with the Crazy Principal....should be manageable.

It seems that little has changed since I left. If anything, things have worsened. In the hour or so that I was there, I saw two teachers cry, heard the principal bashed by 5 different people, and read two "constructive" notes from said principal to the teachers, one which really took the cake. This is an experienced teacher who apparently has a rather slack class. On her report card comments, she mentioned that some kids were not working up to their ability and were unmotivated, causing them to receive lower marks then they are capable of. Makes sense to me, right? She got slammed for that.

The principal told her that it was her job to motivate the students and if they weren't working up to their potential that it was entirely her fault and that she should "reconsider her educational philosophy." And then? Then? SHE ATTACHED PAMPHLETS! Pamphlets about what a good teacher's philosophy should be. Thank goodness that teacher had the good sense to laugh about it and chuck those in the trash where they belonged. It just brought it all glad I don't work there anymore.

Oh, and the other part that sounds fun is that due to fear of parents, there are no longer any consequences that can be given to children that will be supported by the office. 'Dja hear that? No consequences. Oh, the humanity. I'd better bring a bag of candy with me for bribes. Oh, can't give kids candy anymore either.

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