Thursday, December 07, 2006

Born freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I've been given back my cheese privileges! It seems that since Piglet is tolerating regular formula as his supplement just fine, that he is not likely to have a dairy sensitivity. (Pause for happy dance......everybody now!) All hail cheese!

There has also been a theory put out there that perhaps my sudden Dairy Ban could be the reason for my sudden Creepy Colic. With dairy being an acid neutralizer, its sudden absence may have been noticed by my body after eight (long, painful) weeks. I'm on board with this theory. If you have any reason to doubt it, please share.

The aforementioned wedding is this weekend. While I am very excited for the bride and groom, I am bummed that I have to miss out on a lot of the events because of lack of babysitters or inability to feed/pump for Piglet, etc. It's all just very complicated with a ten week old baby. However, I did find shoes (brown pumps) and my dress was altered and does fit, so that's something. I'm having my hair blown out professionally on Saturday morning and I'm going to ask them to remove all the spit up from my locks in honor of the wedding pictures. I've been trying for three days now to do my nails, but I can't seem to find a time that doesn't involve ruining them in some way, so I guess tonight is going to have to be The Night. We shall see.

Piglet's up! Gotta run....

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