Sunday, December 10, 2006

....and to all a good night!

My Christmas gift has come early this year. I thought that all I wanted for Christmas was a new dryer, but no, no! What I got this weekend is much, much better. Think of the best thing in the world that you can dream of. Now add a cherry on top. And some cheese. And ten thousand dollars. This is even better than that.

After ten weeks of waking up all freakish hours of the night and enduring my husband's incoherent babblings and false alarms, after a couple of months of watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch series twice each night, after stumbling bleary-eyed to the crib multiple times every night.....Piglet has at last slept through the night. [applause, cheers, and varying catcalls] Thus far, he has slept until 5am on Saturday morning and 6am this morning.

In honor of this occasion, my early Christmas blessing, I will publish our Christmas card picture that has generated much positive press on my answering machine as it was received by family and friends. I present to you......Holiday Piglet:

A Merry Piglet to You!

Since he's decided to sleep, we've in turn elected to keep him after all. Merry Christmas to all....and to all a good night!

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