Wednesday, November 15, 2006


It's been almost a week since I posted. I am really falling down on the job! I know I'm too busy when my Word 'O the Day calendar is two days behind....this seriously bothers my OCD. Piglet has been very busy growing and overcoming his reflux issues, resulting in many feedings to compensate for resulting spit ups. He's finally almost back to birthweight seven weeks later. Phew! It's taken long enough. He's still got to pack on some more pounds.

Piglet's Aunt Katie came to visit this week and she got to experience his screaming, crying, puking, and pooping escapades that are really things you don't want to miss. She braved her way in anyway, even bringing him appropriate Piglet gear: (we dressed him in blue as to not make him too girly.) Do you think he'll need therapy or anything later on?

Piglet: Official Press Photo

In other news, I'm going up to school tomorrow for the first time since I helped MAN set up his classroom. (Wonder if his calendar still says August?) I'm taking the Piglet up there to see what he's missing.

In big, big, exciting news, I got a 30% off doohickey at Kohl's in the mail and did some serious racking up on Christmas gifts the other day. I think that the kitchen section at Kohl's is seriously overlooked! They have great deals over there. Did you know they sell vacuums? My world was rocked, I tell you. Man, I have got to get a life back soon.

Coming soon: A post with substance. In the meantime, help me to feel not so lonely here in the blogosphere. I feel like everyone is quitting their blog lately.

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