Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm Sorry I've Been Missing, But I Seem To Have Contracted Colic.

Yes, colic. For two weeks now, I've had bad tummy pains from mid-afternoon until bedtime. It's apparently my fussy time. I think that Piglet has reformed himself by giving me his colic. He is doing great - gaining weight, sleeping longer, Straight up colic. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said my mysterious malady might be gallstones, so today I had a sonogram. Tomorrow, I know more. Sheesh! Everytime I would've had time to write something on my blog, I became violently stricken by my creeping colic.

Piglet, in the meantime, has learned how to smile and is in the process of finding his hands. It's amazing to me how the simplest things are huge accomplishments in the life of a two month old. Everyone hopes that their child will be smart, but when I watch Piglet laugh in awe at the little fish hanging over his swing, I have to wonder. He will completely trip himself out staring at those fish, even though he just had a good laugh at them not ten minutes earlier. And the way he's sucking on his new found hand, he's liable to get a hickey before too long. That'll look foxy with his baby dandruff. The shampoo I bought for cradle cap lovingly describes the flakes as "scales". So I have a spastic wiggly baby with a hickey on his hand, scales on his head, and a bottomless appreciation for a stuffed fish. Go me.

I do hope you haven't all left me by now, and I promise to do better with more exciting tales from the Pig.

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