Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dr. Bluetooth

I've expressed my distaste for the mighty mighty Bluetooth on here before. It drives me crazy when I think people are talking to me and they turn around and have that blasted dooflotchey attached to their ear and somehow I'm the one who feels stupid to have thought that someone might have been talking to me.

Eddie has also become rather enamored with the Bluetooth, proudly wearing hers around campus. This has changed our phone conversations in a couple of ways. One, when she sees someone she knows, she will suddenly engage in conversation with them while I'm chatting away because they can't tell she's on the phone and she doesn't want to be rude. The more difficult change is two, when her battery goes dead, she never realizes it and I can just hear her faintly shrieking, "Hello!? Hello?! OH! HANG ON!" as she scrambles for her old-fashioned and awkward handheld cell phone. What an archaic piece of trash, that lone Razr.

My opinion of this new age device took a sudden turn for the worse when I went for my 6 week follow up OB-GYN appointment and my doctor entered the exam room with one of those bloody things on his ear. Clad confidently in my "opens in the front, honey" paper gown, I jokingly said, "Important call?" thinking surely he was just wearing it around in case he got a call. There was a long silent pause. He held up his index finger, motioning me to wait and then he finished his phone call!! Gasp! I was appalled. If I have another baby while I'm living here, I'm going to a different doctor. Dr. Bluetooth has lost my business for good.

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