Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Of all times.

Why must my garage door opener choose to go out this week? You might remember that back in the spring, I somehow lost garage door opener #1 to a peanut butter chocolate shake. I bought a replacement opener and all has been well until about a week ago.

The darn things waits until I'm ten months pregnant and then decides to take a hiatus from doing its duties. My current ritual that I must endure is to pull up to the garage, turn off car, unlock front door, walk inside to garage, open garage, get back in car, start car, park, then go inside. Reverse that for leaving. It's a huge pain and I'm not very good at getting into or out of the car as it is.

Bought a replacement battery at Target, figuring that's what was wrong with it and of course it still won't work. It hates me. My garage door opener and my fish just hate me. Grrrr.

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