Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's Always Tuesday

I noticed while watching Ellen today that Mario Lopez is no longer the mullet bearing, Hammer pants wearing AC Slater of Saved By the Bell Fame. He is HOT! I just don't know if I can stoop to watching Dancing With the Stars. There is something about that show that just makes me want to read a book. But Mario Lopez?? Hmmmm...

Completely unrelated story: I established an all time top score on the Gross-o-Meter today when I simultaneously had three unfortunate bodily functions coincide. Being pregnant can be dangerous. I've had a lot of, um....acid reflux, shall we say, going on in the last week or so as the Piglet has smooshed by stomach higher and higher into my neck. I have also been suffering from some unusual late season allergies, thanks to the September wilds of the Texas prairies. While at the doctor today, I felt a belch/possible vurp coming on and attempted to quietly release and squelch, not anticipating the 8.3 Richter scale sneeze that snuck up on me at the same time. The coordinating effect of these two events was of course for me to pee myself. I don't think I can sink a lot lower. It is, of course, a Tuesday. Don't think that curse let us just because I'm not working.

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