Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ralph S.

I just had a really fun baby shower where I got lots of nice stuff. Here's the gist:

Opening of the Gifts

And then that over again about twenty more times. We had really good food, fun people, the works. Gus behaved himself in his room for as long as he was able and once the shower was over, he was released unto the world. He promptly raced around like a madman, stole a gift card, ate two mini-quiches, and then discovered this guy in my guest bathtub:

Mouse in the House!

Gasp! There's a mouse in the house! Poor little guy was stuck in the bathtub. We don't know how he got there or what his intentions were, but after this video, he dove down the drain.

Wonder if I need to set traps or if he was just visiting? Maybe he came for the shower? Via the shower?

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