Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's funny...

The husband often claims that he comes off unfavorably on the blog. I try really hard to mention the good, husbandly things that he does, like that time when he not only sniffed my armpits to tell me if they smelled, but he also willingly took the Which One Stinks More challenge and won. Or the time when he polished my toenails because I couldn't properly reach them anymore.

But! When your 35 weeks pregnant wife is taking a bath to enjoy the buoyancy of things and trying to relax and you come along and EVEN THOUGH you are cleaning the shower, which is a big help, you DO NOT dunk the nasty scrub brush into her bath water to "moisten" it to scrub the shower floor with! You just don't. And that, dearest, is how you occasionally come off unfavorably on the blog.

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