Monday, August 28, 2006


August 28, 2006

Re: Complaint Letter

Dear Ms. Pigs:

There is simply no excuse for rudeness. Our customers should always experience polite service from our employees regardless of the circumstances. Your comments about the lack of courtesy you experienced greatly concern me. I am truly sorry that we didn't live up to our usual high standards of customer service when you flew with us onAugust 14.

When hiring employees who will serve our customers, we work hard to look for those applicants who demonstrate a warm and friendly attitude. Our training programs emphasize to all our employees, new and experienced alike, the importance of an individualized, caring approach even in the face of the unique difficulties that only an airline can experience. I'm at a loss to explain exactly why you weren't treated with courtesy, but I can assure you that your letter has been forwarded to our General Manager in Greensboro.

To better express our apology, I've mailed you a transportation voucher. You may use it toward the purchase of a ticket on American or American Eagle within the next 12 months. I hope that this sincere gesture of goodwill will help to convince you of your importance to us as our customer.

Ms. Pigs, thank you for giving us this chance to improve. Please travel with us again soon. We'll do our very best to meet your expectations the next time we welcome you aboard.

Nice Lady
Customer Relations, American Airlines

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