Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just Call Me Gram

I apologize for the lack of substantial posting lately. It seems that for once I really don't have anything to write about. Not even poop. My days have dwindled into long stretches of "what can I get done between tired spells, backaches, and pee breaks." Not the ideal conditions for high interest posting. In my attempts to remain in touch with the world, get out at least once a day, maintain my social skills, and occasionally exercise, I have found myself in touch with a new sect of the population: the old folks.
Now, prior to the last couple of weeks, I knew they were out there. They waited until the school buses finished their routes and the rush hour traffic ceased on the highways and then they came. They came in their Buicks and their Cadillacs and their other brands of long and boxy cars I don't know the names of. Straining to peer over the steering wheel as they coasted at a rapid 45 mph clip on the expressway, they went about their errands.
I've chatted with them in the grocery stores, exchanging handy cooking tips or bargains we've found in the baking aisle. I've assisted at the occasional gas pump when the buttons and cards got too tricky. But now? I think I might be becoming one of them.
I spent more than half my day with elderly people. Rocking out to the best of the 90's in the morning with my Senior Splash water aerobics class, I listened to stories of raising children back in the day and tales of only gaining 14 pounds with a pregnancy. (!) Edna and Myrtle shared pearls of wisdom regarding the cooking various types of fish, as well as the best places to eat fish in restaurants. Later, I attended what I didn't realize was the Senior Showing of Little Miss Sunshine where I was the only person under the age of 65. If it wasn't for my also-incubating friend, I might really stand out.
I have to say I rather enjoy the company of the elderly. Their cell phones don't ring in the movie theater. We have a lot in common in the areas of bladder control, general aches and pains, as well as indigestion and inconvenient weight gain. And most importantly, they like to talk about food and local gossip. I really became entranced in a fifteen minute conversation speculating what on earth they're building up there on the corner. (A new Kroger - yeah!!) And see? I get really excited about things like a new Kroger.
How simple my life has become. It just doesn't bode well for the blog. My sincere apologies. Please continue to come back as I seek to spice up my life just a little.

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