Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Third Snake of Summer Sighted at Pig's Home

The fierce and masterful Gus the Beagle savagely sought out, cornered and barked at the third snake of the summer, summoning his masters from afar. Said masters emerged from the home, immediately sensing the imminent danger from the tone of the canine eruptions. The couple observed that the dog had chased the snake up the fence and onto the bird feeder, placing it just at adult human head level.

Mr. Pigs began to scream Gus' name desperately, as though he was fearing his life, his voice cracking only once. All of this drama of course taking place safely behind the screen door. After several attempts at coersion via treats, puppy chow, and even peanut butter, it was clear that the owners were going to have to attempt a different strategy. After much discussion, trembling, and pleas for survival, Mr. Pigs sent his six months pregnant wife out to race across the lawn, scoop the dog from danger, and bolt back inside. Let it be noted that he did hold the door.


KauaiMark said...

So what kinda snake is it? Can't tell from the picture.

Curious George said...

As always, your posts are funny !